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Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1

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  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
  • Fungal Nail Treatment Oil 1
$14.90 - $74.48


  • Ingredient: Belvedere fruit extract,Hedyotis extracts, Vinegar
  • Quantity: 1-5PCS
  • Type: Nail Repair
  • NET WT: 10ML
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Nail Treatment
  • Product Name: Remove Nail Fungus Serum Feet Care
  • Effect: Bactericidal,promote the growth of nails
  • Advantage: Anti Infection Paronychia Onychomycosis
  • Suitable Age: unlimited,Fight all forms of fungal infection
  • Suitable for: Suitable for people with fungal infections
  • Use for Nail: Toenails and fungal infections
  • Quality Inspection: Qualified,Sturdy decks repair damaged nails
  • Expiration Date: 2 years,Care for cracked, rough nails
  • Item 1: skin care
  • Item 2: beauty health

Fungal Nail Treatment Oil Foot Repair Essence Toe Nail Fungus Removal Gel Anti Infection Cream Fungal Nail Removal 10ML

EFFECTS:Adopting a molecular needle penetration technique and brand-new formula, this nail repair essence can effectively penetrate the nails, fix all kinds of nail problems, soften the texture of your nails and restore their health.
1. Soak and soften nails with warm water.
2. Use the nail file to remove loose, hollow and thickened parts, and wipe off dirt and debris (do not use excessive force so as to avoid damaging the nail bed).
3. Apply 3-5 drops of the nail repair essence to the fingernail, resting until be absorbed. We recommend to use it twice a day for day and night.
4. For stubborn nails or those with a longer formation time, better with Jemeesen nail care gel.

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